Finally gave something for agents to do. Now, there are many more “sources” (the green squares) in the environment, which have a random resource value from 0 to 100 (represented as white closer to 0 and greener closer to 100). Agents will move to a source if they see one, and then they take 10 resources from the source. When a source reaches 0, it dies out and disappears. Agents also consume 1 resource each turn, and if they reach 0 they die. In addition, agents can reproduce and make a new agent once they reach 50 resources.


The other major change is how interaction between boards works. Now, instead of adding agents it adds completely new sources and increased resources to sources within the quadrant. Similarly, interaction can cause all the sources in a quadrant to reduce resources.


There is already some interesting structure forming from these changes. It’s easy to see how populations quickly form and die out. Main thing to work on next is adding more and different sounds.